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Robert Green Equipment Sales LTD.

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Built Like No Other
Kobelco Construction Machinery U.S.A.


To provide machines and after sales service that satisfy our customers in a manner they recognize as superior; thereby achieving customers for life. Serving the needs of our customers and business partners with integrity and superior service, will achieve long term prosperity for our employees and the company.


We distinguish ourselves in the role of customer service and sales support, through quality and innovation. Doing it right the first time and anticipating and satisfying their needs with pride, gives us the privilege to provide service to our customers for life.

Service Notice to our valued customers

**** Your Kobelco may qualify for a CPU software version upgrade (years 2000 +, units 7 ton and up only) ****
No charge travel &labour for any Kobelco's purchased from Robert Green Equipment Sales Ltd.
Machine's must have a working cab monitor that is legible.
Some filters will need changing for the upgrade process.
Any defective sensors, etc. discovered will also require changing to complete upgrade.
Parts are billable to customer.

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Adam Fairchild
Parts &Service Mgr.

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